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Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa
Name, French:Aronia noir
Name, Other:Geules noires, Aronie à fruit noir
Natural Habitat: Peat bogs, swamps, wet woods; on dry sandy or rocky ridges; occasionally in pine woods.
Tree Form:Low-growing multi-stemmed shrub, slender branches.
Size At Maturity: Shrub 2 m high 7 feet
Light Requirement:
Water Requirement: (scale of 1-5)
Salt Tolerance:High
Wildlife: Eaten by many species of birds and mammals.
Notes: White flowers in stalked clusters, black fruit and attractive fall colour make it excellent for shrub borders or backdrop for low-growing perennials or ground covers in more formal, tight spaces. Mass in native plant gardens, open woodland or naturalized areas where its colonial growth habit need not be restricted (reproduces by suckers). Very high pollution tolerance. Ideal along roadsides, highways, and parking lots (high tolerance to drought, dry soils and soil compaction). Its tolerance of wet conditions makes it suitable for growing along ponds, streams or water gardens. Tolerates low pH.
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