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2016 plant sale

We expect to have the plants listed below available at our 2016 plant sale on June 4, 9:30 to 12:30. Numbers and sizes vary and other species may be on hand on the day of the sale.

In addition: Philip Fry of Old Field Garden will be on hand with woodland wildflowers and Stefan Cherry of Twigs Nursery will be selling native trees and shrubs.

Click on the common names to see more information and about these species from the Fletcher Wildlife Garden.

Common name
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Latin name
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Blooming time
Sort ascending Sort descending
Sort ascending Sort descending
Sort ascending Sort descending
Alternate-leaved DogwoodCornus alternifoliaWhiteLate springShadeAverage
Arrow-leaved AsterSymphyotrichum urophyllumWhiteLate summerSunAverage
Black-eyed SusanRudbeckia hirtaYellowSummerSunDry
BloodrootSanguinaria canadensisWhiteEarly springShade to part sunAverage
Blue FlagIris versicolorBlueLate spring to early summerFull sunMoist
Blue VervainVerbena hastataBlue to VioletSummerSunAverage to moist
Blue-eyed GrassSisyrinchium angustifoliumBlue to violetSpring and summerSunWet
Canada AnemoneAnemone canadensisWhiteLate springFull to partial shadeAverage
Canada HonewortCryptotaenia canadensiswhiteSummerShadeAverage
Cardinal FlowerLobelia cardinalisRedLate summerSun to partial shadeWet
Common BonesetEupatorium perfoliatumWhiteSummerSunMoist
Common MilkweedAsclepias syriacaPinkSummerSunAverage
Common SneezeweedHelenium autumnaleYellowLate summerFull sunAverage to moist
FireweedEpilobium angustifoliumPinkSummerSun to partial shadeDry
Flat-top White AsterDoellingeria umbellataWhiteSummerSun to part shadeAverage
Foxglove Beard-tonguePenstemon digitalisWhiteEarly summerSunDry to average
Golden AlexandersZizia aureaYellowEarly summerFull sun to part shadeAverage
Grass-leaved GoldenrodEuthamia graminifoliaYellowSummerSunAverage
Gray-headed Prairie ConeflowerRatibida pinnataYellowSummerSun; thrives in full sun.Dry
Great Blue LobeliaLobelia siphiliticaBlue to violetLate summerSun to partial shadeWet
Grey-stemmed GoldenrodSolidago nemoralisYellowLate summerSun to part shadeAverage to dry
Hairy BeardtonguePenstemon hirsutusMauveEarly summerSunDry
HarebellCampanula rotundifoliaBlue to violetSummerSun to part shadeAverage
Heart-leaved AsterSymphyotrichum cordifoliumBlue to violetLate summerSun to part shadeAverage
Lance-leaved FigwortScrophularia lanceolataBurgundy and yellowLate spring to mid-summerFull sunAverage
Lance-leaved tickseedCoreopsis lanceolataYellowMid-summerSunAverage
Mexican MuhlyMuhlenbergia mexicanaGreenLate summerSun to part shadeAverage to moist
New England AsterSymphyotrichum novae-angliaeShades of violet, dark pinkLate summer and fallSunAverage
Nodding OnionAllium cernuumPinkMid-summerSunAverage
Panicled AsterSymphotrichum lanceolatumWhiteLate summer and fallSunMoist
Pearly EverlastingAnaphalis margaritaceaYellow flowers surrounded by white "bracts"Mid to late summerSun to partial shadeAverage
Prairie SmokeGeum triflorumPinkSpringSunDry
Red ColumbineAquilegia canadensisRed and yellowSpringSun to part shadeAverage
Red Osier DogwoodCornus stoloniferaWhiteSummerSun to part shadeMoist
Scarlet BeebalmMonarda didymaRedSummerSunAverage
Slender Mountain-mintPycnanthemum tenuifoliumWhiteSummerFull sun to part shadeAverage to dry
Spotted Joe Pye weedEutrochium maculatumPink to RedSummerSunMoist
Swamp MilkweedAsclepias incarnataPinkMid-summerSunMoist
Tall CinquefoilDrymocallis argutaWhiteSummerSunAverage to dry
ThimbleweedAnemone virginianaWhiteEarly summerSun to partial shadeAverage
Upland White GoldenrodSolidago ptarmicoidesWhiteSummerFull sunAverage to dry
Virginia ClematisClematis virginianaWhiteSummerSun to part shadeAverage
Water AvensGeum rivaleYellow petals with purple sepalsLate springSunMoist
White SnakerootAgeratina altissimaWhiteLate summer into fallShade to part sunAverage
White TurtleheadChelone glabraWhiteSummerSun to part shadeWet
Wild BergamotMonarda fistulosaPink to mauveSummerSunDry
Yellow Marsh MarigoldCaltha palustrisYellowSpringSun to part shadeWet
Zigzag GoldenrodSolidago flexicaulisYellowLate summer and fallShade to part shadeAverage

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