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Arachnids of the FWG

Phalangidae sp.Harvestman

AgalenidaeFunnel weavers
Agelenopsis sp.Funnel Weaver

AraneidaeOrb weavers
Araneus diadematusGarden Cross Orb Weaver
Araneus marmoreus Marbled Orb Weaver
Araneus trifolium Shamrock Orb Weaver
Araniella displicataSix-spotted Orb Weaver
Argiope aurantiaBlack and Yellow Argiope
Argiope trifasciataBanded Orb Weaver
Larinioides sp.Furrow Spider
Larinioides sclopetariusBridge Orb Weaver
Neoscona sp.Orb Weaver

ClubionidaeSac spiders
Clubiona sp.Sac Spider

LinyphiidaeSheet-web weavers and dwarf spiders
Hypselistes florensSplendid Dwarf Spider
Neriene sp.Sheet-web Weaver

LycosidaeWolf spiders
Lycosidae spp.Wolf Spiders

PhilodromidaePhilodromid spiders
Philodromus sp.Running Crab Spider
Tibellus oblongusOblong Running Crab Spider

PisauridaeNursery web spiders
Dolomedes tritonSix-spotted Fishing Spider
Pisaurina miraNursery Web Spider

SalticidaeJumping spiders
Salticidae spp.Jumping spiders
Eris militarisBronze Jumping Spider
Pelegrina galathea (?)Jumping Spider
Pelegrina protervaReckless Jumping Spider
Phidippus clarusBrilliant Jumping Spider
Phidippus purpuratusJumping Spider
Salticus scenicusZebra Jumping Spider
Tutelina sp.Jumping Spider

TetragnathidaeLong-jawed orb weavers
Tetragnatha spp.Long-jawed Orb Weavers

TheridiidaeCobweb weavers
Enoplognatha ovataCobweb Spider
Theridion sp.Cobweb Spider
Theridula emertoniCobweb Spider

ThomisidaeCrab spiders
Bassaniana sp.Crab Spider
Misumena vatia Goldenrod Crab Spider
Misumenops sp.Northern Crab Spider
Xysticus sp.Crab Spider
Xysticus transversatusTransverse-banded Crab Spider

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