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Migration and nesting dates for Ontario bird species

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This list was created by Denis LePage of Bird Studies Canada. Breeding dates were provided by Mark Peck, and Charles Francis provided the migration dates based on Long Point data. It covers the whole Southern Great Lakes region; thus, some of these species do not occur in the Ottawa district.

We hope that this list will help you determine whether a species in your square is still migrating through or is within its normal breeding period.

The early and late dates for nesting define the period during which nesting can be expected to occur. (They are the earliest and latest records known for that species in the Southern Great Lakes region.) The "late migration date" is to show that although most birds move through the area before that date, some can still be passing through at that time.

For example, osprey can still be passing through until May 30, although that is unusual. Yet the earliest nest record for this species is May 1. What this means is, be careful about assigning a potential breeding code (possible, probably, confirmed) until after May 30 unless you have good evidence the bird is nesting (i.e., found mating with another osprey; sitting on a nest; etc.).

Species Early nest date Late migration date Late nest date
Common Loon May-15 May-15 Aug-01
Pied-billed Grebe Apr-29 Apr-30 Aug-01
Red-necked Grebe May-15 May-10 Sep-01
Double-crested Cormorant Apr-15 Aug-15
American Bittern May-01 Aug-01
Least Bittern May-01 Aug-01
Great Blue Heron Apr-15 Aug-15
Great Egret Apr-20 Aug-01
Green Heron May-01 Aug-15
Black-crowned Night-Heron Apr-20 Sep-01
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
Turkey Vulture Apr-25 May-05 Sep-15
Canada Goose Mar-25 Jun-10
Mute Swan Apr-01 Jul-01
Wood Duck Mar-28 Jul-01
Gadwall Apr-15 May-10 Jul-15
American Wigeon May-01 Apr-30 Jul-15
American Black Duck Apr-01 Apr-15 Jul-01
Mallard Apr-01 Apr-20 Jul-01
Blue-winged Teal Apr-20 Jul-15
Northern Shoveler May-15 May-10 Jul-01
Northern Pintail Apr-15 May-05 Jul-01
American Green-winged Teal May-15 May-05 Jul-15
Canvasback May-15 Apr-20 Jul-15
Redhead May-15 Apr-30 Jul-01
Ring-necked Duck May-20 Apr-30 Jul-01
Lesser Scaup May-20 May-25 Jul-15
Hooded Merganser Apr-01 Apr-25 Jun-15
Common Merganser May-01 May-10 Jul-01
Red-breasted Merganser May-10 May-25 Jul-01
Ruddy Duck May-24 May-05 Aug-15
Osprey May-01 May-30 Sep-01
Bald Eagle Feb-15 Jul-15
Northern Harrier Apr-24 May-15 Aug-15
Sharp-shinned Hawk May-01 May-10 Aug-01
Cooper's Hawk Apr-15 May-10 Aug-01
Northern Goshawk Apr-01 Aug-01
Red-shouldered Hawk Apr-01 May-05 Aug-01
Broad-winged Hawk Apr-20 May-20 Aug-01
Red-tailed Hawk Mar-01 Aug-01
American Kestrel Apr-01 Apr-30 Aug-01
Merlin May-01 May-15 Aug-01
Peregrine Falcon Apr-01 May-25 Jul-15
Gray Partridge May-01 Jul-01
Ring-necked Pheasant Apr-06 Jul-01
Ruffed Grouse Apr-15 Jul-01
Wild Turkey May-07 Aug-01
Northern Bobwhite May-15 Sep-15
King Rail May-15 Jul-01
Virginia Rail May-04 Jul-15
Sora May-01 Aug-01
Common Moorhen May-01 Aug-15
American Coot May-01 May-25 Aug-01
Sandhill Crane Apr-15 Jul-15
Piping Plover May-01 Aug-01
Killdeer Apr-01 Jul-15
Spotted Sandpiper May-07 Jul-15
Upland Sandpiper May-07 Jul-15
Common Snipe Apr-24 May-10 Aug-01
American Woodcock Apr-01 Jun-15
Wilson's Phalarope May-10 Jul-01
Little Gull May-20 Jun-05 Jul-15
Ring-billed Gull Apr-15 Jun-05 Jul-15
California Gull May-01 Jul-15
Herring Gull Apr-01 Jun-05 Jul-15
Great Black-backed Gull Apr-15 May-20 Jul-01
Caspian Tern May-01 Jul-15
Common Tern May-01 Aug-15
Forster's Tern May-15 Jul-01
Black Tern May-07 Aug-01
Rock Dove Jan-01 Dec-31
Mourning Dove Mar-01 Oct-01
Black-billed Cuckoo May-15 Jun-10 Sep-01
Yellow-billed Cuckoo May-15 Jun-15 Sep-01
Eastern Screech-Owl Apr-01 Jul-01
Great Horned Owl Feb-01 Jun-01
Long-eared Owl Apr-01 Jul-15
Short-eared Owl Apr-15 Aug-01
Northern Saw-whet Owl Apr-07 Jun-01
Common Nighthawk May-20 May-31 Aug-15
Chuck-will's-widow May-20 Aug-01
Whip-poor-will May-20 May-31 Aug-01
Chimney Swift Jun-01 Jun-05 Aug-15
Ruby-throated Hummingbird May-25 Jun-05 Sep-01
Belted Kingfisher May-01 Jul-15
Red-headed Woodpecker May-01 May-31 Sep-01
Red-bellied Woodpecker May-01 May-31 Jul-01
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker May-01 May-05 Jul-15
Downy Woodpecker May-01 Aug-01
Hairy Woodpecker May-01 Jul-15
Northern Flicker May-01 May-05 Sep-01
Pileated Woodpecker May-15 Jul-15
Olive-sided Flycatcher Jun-01 Jun-05 Jul-15
Eastern Wood-Pewee May-15 Jun-05 Sep-01
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Jun-01 Jun-05 Jul-15
Acadian Flycatcher Jun-01 Jun-05 Aug-15
Alder Flycatcher Jun-10 Jun-05 Aug-15
Willow Flycatcher Jun-10 Jun-05 Aug-15
Least Flycatcher Jun-01 Jun-05 Aug-15
Eastern Phoebe Apr-15 Apr-30 Aug-15
Great Crested Flycatcher May-20 Jun-05 Aug-01
Eastern Kingbird Jun-01 Jun-05 Sep-01
Loggerhead Shrike Apr-01 May-20 Aug-01
White-eyed Vireo Jun-01 May-20 Jul-01
Yellow-throated Vireo Jun-01 May-25 Aug-01
Blue-headed Vireo Jun-01 May-25 Jul-15
Warbling Vireo May-20 Jul-15
Philadelphia Vireo May-31
Red-eyed Vireo May-20 Jun-05 Aug-15
Blue Jay Apr-15 Aug-01
American Crow Mar-03 Jul-01
Common Raven Mar-15 Jun-15
Horned Lark Mar-20 Aug-01
Purple Martin May-20 Aug-15
Tree Swallow May-01 Aug-15
Northern Rough-winged Swallow May-01 May-31 Aug-15
Bank Swallow May-01 May-31 Aug-15
Cliff Swallow May-15 May-25 Aug-15
Barn Swallow May-15 May-25 Sep-01
Black-capped Chickadee Apr-25 Aug-15
Tufted Titmouse May-15 Jul-15
Red-breasted Nuthatch May-01 May-25 Jul-01
White-breasted Nuthatch May-01 May-15 Jul-01
Brown Creeper May-15 May-05 Jul-15
Carolina Wren Apr-01 Aug-15
House Wren Apr-07 May-20 Sep-01
Winter Wren May-20 May-10 Sep-01
Sedge Wren Jun-01 May-25 Jul-15
Marsh Wren May-15 Apr-30 Aug-01
Golden-crowned Kinglet Jun-01 May-15 Jul-15
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Jun-01 Jul-15
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher May-15 Jul-15
Eastern Bluebird Apr-10 Sep-01
Veery May-15 May-25 Jul-15
Swainson's Thrush Jun-07 Jun-05 Jul-15
Hermit Thrush May-24 May-10 Aug-01
Wood Thrush May-01 May-25 Aug-01
American Robin Apr-10 May-05 Sep-01
Gray Catbird May-15 May-31 Aug-15
Northern Mockingbird May-23 Jun-05 Aug-15
Brown Thrasher May-01 May-25 Aug-15
European Starling Mar-30 Aug-15
Cedar Waxwing Jun-01 Jun-10 Sep-01
Blue-winged Warbler May-24 May-25 Jul-15
Golden-winged Warbler May-24 May-25 Jul-15
Lawrence's Warbler May-25
Brewster's Warbler May-25
Tennessee Warbler May-31
Nashville Warbler May-24 May-25 Jul-15
Northern Parula May-25
Yellow Warbler May-15 May-25 Aug-01
Chestnut-sided Warbler May-24 May-31 Aug-01
Magnolia Warbler Jun-01 May-31 Jul-15
Cape May Warbler Jun-01 May-25 Jul-15
Black-throated Blue Warbler Jun-01 May-25 Jul-15
Yellow-rumped Warbler May-24 May-20 Aug-01
Black-throated Green Warbler Jun-01 May-31 Aug-01
Blackburnian Warbler Jun-01 May-31 Jul-01
Pine Warbler Jun-01 May-10 Jul-01
Prairie Warbler Jun-01 May-25 Jul-01
Bay-breasted Warbler May-31
Cerulean Warbler May-24 May-25 Jul-01
Black-and-white Warbler May-24 May-25 Aug-01
American Redstart May-24 Jun-05 Aug-01
Prothonotary Warbler May-25 May-31 Aug-01
Ovenbird May-25 May-31 Aug-01
Northern Waterthrush May-25 May-31 Jul-15
Louisiana Waterthrush Jun-01 May-20 Jul-15
Kentucky Warbler
Mourning Warbler May-25 Jun-10 Aug-01
Common Yellowthroat May-25 May-31 Aug-01
Hooded Warbler Jun-01 May-25 Aug-01
Wilson's Warbler Jun-05
Canada Warbler Jun-01 Jun-05 Aug-01
Yellow-breasted Chat Jun-01 May-25 Aug-01
Scarlet Tanager May-24 May-31 Jul-15
Eastern Towhee May-05 May-20 Sep-01
Chipping Sparrow May-10 May-20 Aug-15
Clay-colored Sparrow May-15 Aug-15
Field Sparrow May-10 May-15 Aug-15
Vesper Sparrow May-01 Apr-30 Aug-15
Savannah Sparrow May-01 May-20 Aug-15
Grasshopper Sparrow May-01 May-25 Aug-15
Henslow's Sparrow May-01 Aug-15
Le Conte's Sparrow
Song Sparrow Apr-20 May-05 Sep-01
Lincoln's Sparrow May-15 May-30 Aug-01
Swamp Sparrow May-01 May-20 Aug-01
White-throated Sparrow May-20 May-15 Aug-01
Dark-eyed Junco Apr-24 Apr-30 Aug-01
Northern Cardinal Apr-15 Sep-01
Rose-breasted Grosbeak May-10 May-25 Jul-15
Indigo Bunting Jun-01 Jun-05 Sep-15
Dickcissel Jun-01 Aug-01
Bobolink May-20 May-31 Jul-15
Red-winged Blackbird Apr-20 Aug-01
Eastern Meadowlark May-20 May-05 Aug-01
Western Meadowlark May-20 Aug-01
Yellow-headed Blackbird May-15 Aug-01
Rusty Blackbird Jun-01 May-10 Aug-01
Brewer's Blackbird May-15 Aug-01
Common Grackle Apr-10 Jul-15
Brown-headed Cowbird May-01 May-15 Aug-01
Orchard Oriole May-20 May-25 Aug-01
Baltimore Oriole May-20 May-31 Aug-15
Purple Finch May-15 May-20 Aug-15
House Finch Apr-01 Aug-15
Red Crossbill Jan-01 Dec-31
White-winged Crossbill Jan-01 Dec-31
Pine Siskin Apr-07 May-20 Jul-15
American Goldfinch Jun-01 Sep-15
Evening Grosbeak Jun-01 May-20 Aug-01
House Sparrow Apr-01 Sep-15

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